Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Scott kramer had put together a skate trip to Washington D.C thinking it would be perfect since his parents lived up there.We would be  able to have a cozy place to stay and he would be able to visit with them.The trip consisted of Me,Scott Kramer and David Morfeild and we met up with Jon cornel who had already been up there. enjoy!

Glad to see some petty street crime of the city!

good old bums using the world as there shitter.

                                           The best part of cities is how many different kind of people you see.....


                                       But the weird people didnt phase jon with this wallie backtail!


                                          the view from the top of the apartment jon was staying at

                          we came up on a six pack and 4 dollars someone had left behind, it was a great time!



             A crazy wind tunnel opened up in the metro and we were forced to hold on for our lives!!!!

           it was an intense struggle and it became hard to hold on but i was determined to hold on for dear life! It was only me and david left jon had been thrown against a chair with kramer blocked from the wind tunnel!


                                 Eventually david grew weary and was forced to let go and take his chances at hitting a chair, then there was one .......

                                                                                              to be continued.....