Monday, March 21, 2011


Good Times,Good People,Good Spots,Great Parties basically somes up every Gainsville trip ive ever been on.So when Gainsville is the weekend mission everybody gets hyped for the andventure that awaits them on this epic journey!  


on the highway to hell!

Luis is hyped on that fresh 32 he just opened! but got bummed that it just got knocked over ahhah

soon realized that parting on the ground was weak, so the party moved to the roof

livin on the edge!haha

Kramer at the peak of the ya get it ahha

the party was so hot it caught fire ahha

Kramers fuel in the morning

THEN out of
nowhere invisible ninjas showed up to battle david and tyson! it was an epic battle i couldnt really tell what was going on but the ninjas were quick and tyson and david were defeated and tossed to the ground.if i could have seen the ninjas i would have jumped in maybe next time.

the worst hardware, my truck stayed shifting and making my board turn all funky. i wish i didnt roll through those steroids, my bolt just beefed up out of nowhere.


nothin like a triple cheese burger, fries, and a sweet tea to settle my hunger

Gainsville has the coolest creatures!

gnarly manny pad, and an awesome hill bomb right next to it

                                                                  creature fortress!

Chewy about to seal the deal!

                                       David getting it done with perfect kickflips!


gotta love a puppy!

Dantes illistration of Gucci Mane in a box  ahha

the only way to end a Gainsville trip is a cicis feast! until we meet agian fellow Gainsvillians.


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